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About Gioia


Gioia Plant-Based Cuisine is a fully plant-based restaurant founded by Carlo & Trisha Zanasi. Since opening in 2016, our aim has been simple – to welcome everyone with satisfying, delicious food which is also very good for you!

All dishes are prepared to order by Carlo and his kitchen using fresh natural ingredients, and techniques which preserve taste and nutritional value. 

All of our food is handmade and we use organic 
and local ingredients where possible. We never deep-fry or microwave.

A visit to Gioia is a unique dining experience. We look forward to welcoming you!

About Carlo

Carlo Kuteer Zanasi discovered his talent and passion for food in the seventies while visiting what is now called Osho International Meditation Resort in India.

With over 35 years of experience in leading kitchen positions he is a very appreciated and innovative chef that is specializing in a whole food, plant-based cuisine and raw food ­--- both simple and high end gourmet style. He got his diploma as a Raw Food Chef and Living Food Instructor under the Nordic Raw Living Chef Academy in association with Creative Health Institute, Michigan. He also holds two diploma's in Raw Food from the Matthew Kenney Academy.

Carlo is from northern Italy but has over the years traveled and worked in many different places around the world, including India, US, Norway, Italy, Sweden and Spain.

About Foodie awareness quadrato.jpg

“It is only man who likes to eat with people,  

who invites people, 

who makes a celebration out of eating. 

That is new, that is something utterly new. 
It doesn't exist in the animal world... 

Man brings some aesthetics to his eating habits. 
He will prepare the food, 

he will prepare it in beautiful shapes, 

and he will give beautiful colors to the food. 

And he will have manners. 

He will arrange the table, and the flavor, 

and the lights and the incense; 
and friends together, talking gossiping – music, and then he will eat. 
Now eating has taken a totally different turn. 
It has become an art.”


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