Date: Sunday 6 December 2020

Time:  10.00 CET (the class will last approximately 2-2.5 hours)

Where: Online via Zoom


This is a live, interactive, hands-on cooking class held online via Zoom.


During this live and interactive online cooking class with Chef Carlo, you will learn how to make a delicious three course meal - all recipes are vegan and gluten-free. Chef Carlo will be cooking all dishes simultaneously with you and answer any questions that you might have throughout the class.




Portobello carpaccio with balsamic capers vinaigrette (raw food dish)


Aubergine rolls filled with Mediterranean pate in rucola pesto


Chocolate bavaroise with berries (raw food dish)


Come join us for this uplifting and fun cooking class!


The recipes are sent in your booking confirmation and the Zoom link will be emailed to you 24 hours prior to the class. Ingredients and kitchen equipment for the class is listed below.


If you have allergies or dietary restrictions that concern your ability to cook along, please e-mail  before purchasing.


Cancellation policy: Please note that tickets to this event are non-refundable.



Cashew nuts
Medjool dates
Cacao powder
Almond milk
Cacao butter
Coconut oil
Berries of choice
Portobello mushroom  
Balsamic vinegar                          
Extra virgin olive oil                     
Cherry tomatoes            
Fresh basil                       
Microgreens/Sprouts (optional)
Sundried tomatoes
Dried oregano                
Peeled almonds
Rucola salad     
Pine nuts                                                      
Maple syrup
Nutritional yeast
Brazil nuts or walnuts


Kitchen equipment 
Measuring spoons and cups
Kitchen scale
2 Medium mixing bowls
High speed blender
Sharp knife
Cutting board
Mandolin (optional)
Oven and Oven trays
Parchment paper
Glasses or small moulds for the bavaroise

Online cooking class with Chef Carlo

44,00 €Price